Utilising Consultation Software

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Many companies struggle with collecting ideas not just within their own employee networks, but also within their communities. Turning to consultation software, many companies have found ways of using technology to gather opinions in communities and analyse them, but the tedium of collecting survey responses can often prove a daunting administrative task.

Our solution to harnessing those ideas has been through an extension of Idea Spotlight in the form of consultation software and we’ve had several clients who’ve accessed this extension to effectively gather ideas. Both the WCL and The Independent Commission on Mental Health had unique problems we were able to help solve.

The WCL wished to create a consultation tool on a proposal to open a Technical Academy in Reading. Without any form of software, polling and tracking responses received via email would need manual coalition and thus, hours of administrative work and detail. With our consultation tool, they were able to use a variety of online feedback forms which increased the quantity of their responses. Relevant and detailed reports were generated within the tool that reduced the time the team needed to analyse the data.

The Commission on Mental Health wished to gather a range of views on the Metropolitan Police Service in order to generate a grounded report. We’re currently partnering with them to allow people to securely and anonymously share their experiences and opinions about key issues in mental health and policing and will be able to help them generate a report on these issues securely.

Public sectors have a growing interest in consultation software, something that allows them to manage stakeholder engagement. Giving citizens a platform to express their views safely and securely allows governments to effectively perform their jobs. Utilising our consultation software allows you to access these ideas, take them securely, and use them to compile reports or improve your service.