Using Integrations To Make The Most Of Your Internal Networks

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A few weeks ago, we talked about How Intranets Can Help A Company Innovate, and it highlighted just how crucial internal communications can be within an organisation. We also talked about how bringing technology into the equation means that the excuses for a company not to have such measures in place are getting fewer all the time.

With this in mind, it brings up a business function that we consider very important and see as of ever-increasing importance for digital businesses: integration. We believe strongly in the power of integration and this means that we strive to make our tool, Idea Spotlight flexible and convenient to our potential users.

But how do you maximise the effectiveness of an intranet? How can you make sure that users support it and make it into a business asset? Well, the first step is committing to it yourself. By providing a regularly updated, content-rich, easy to use environment, you’re already driving people towards it. If you can make an internal communications network responsive and engaging, then you can begin to build a user-base. People will always drift to services that make their everyday lives easier, and an internal communications network is extremely varied in terms of what it can contain. Will you use it for employee updates? To broadcast  news to  the company? To act as a suggestion box?

A good network will be doing all three of these and then some. The main reason for Idea Spotlight’s integration with Yammer is that it is a versatile and popular platform, as well as something that many companies are already using. If you are building an employee social hub, encourage the creativity of idea generation, and build an innovative culture around your community.

Our integration with Yammer, much like our previous integration with Office 365, allows Idea Spotlight to work from within. You can submit ideas and share challenges from within Yammer, without having to disrupt an already established community. So, if you wanted to harness the power of such a community to power idea creation and problem solving, why make the community change over to a different, unfamiliar tool? Let the tool come to you.

Our integration with Yammer brings new functionality and flexibility to Idea Spotlight, allowing individuals to share ideas, challenges and comments in Yammer feeds. By sharing challenges, “Challenge Managers” can encourage specific individuals, groups or the entire organisation to submit ideas in response to those challenges. By sharing ideas, idea creators can start a dialogue to improve and build on those ideas. Through the Idea Spotlight/Yammer integration, the full comment thread/history is shared between Idea Spotlight and Yammer, allowing more flexibility to the Idea Management process.

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