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If you haven’t heard the news just yet, we’ve got two upcoming webinars you can sign up for that will help you learn how to utilise Idea Spotlight better in two different ways:

Open Innovation: What it is and why it matters for public services
Join us on September 19th at 14:00-15:00 BST for our first public sector “Open Innovation” webinar co-hosted by Wazoku and TSIP. The webinar is an introduction to how all levels of government can implement an Open Innovation and Idea Management programme. The one hour webinar will cover:

– The need for fresh ideas
– Your people are your best resource
– The answers might not be within your organisation
– The internet as a platform for open innovation
– Where open innovation has worked

Wazoku + tibbr = The Innovation-centric Enterprise Social Network for your business

Deploying Idea Spotlight within tibbr is an ideal way to take advantage of a structured method for gathering, analysing, and selecting the best ideas for your business challenges because tibbr already provides the means to connect functionally and geographically diverse employees. Idea Spotlight utilises many of the same social tools available in tibbr – voting, commenting, sharing – while also providing additional tools to support the review of ideas by appropriate decision makers.

In this webinar I will demonstrate how Idea Spotlight and tibbr can work together seamlessly to generate innovative ideas to business challenges. The topics covered include:

– What is Idea Management
– Why is a specialist Idea Management Solution important?
– How can Idea Spotlight and tibbr work together?

If you have any questions about our upcoming webinars, feel free to chat to us!