University of Bristol is now teaching about innovation

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We were pleased to find out recently that the University of Bristol is now offering formal innovation courses. This can be a little bit surprising but not at all unexpected: innovation is such an important part of the way businesses are run today, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.

“The University of Bristol is one of the leading research universities in the UK, having an excellent national and international reputation in research, teaching and global discovery. “ – it says on their website. With these credentials, it’s only natural that this innovative (pun not intended) programme had to start there.

The University is offering four-year integrated undergraduate Masters degrees in innovation with in-depth subject specialism in Arts and Science, with courses such as Anthropology, Computer Science, Management, Physics and others. These innovation courses offer knowledge and expertise in interdisciplinary teamwork, designing products and services, venture creation and entrepreneurship. The fact that this is all integrated within another area of expertise seems like a great idea, as these are skills that will be beneficial to anyone in any area of business.

This is interesting as it goes to show how being innovative and collaborative is becoming an indispensable trait and as younger people join the workforce, they will be better prepared to think in innovative terms and will be better equipped for future proofing organisations. This type of courses will no doubt proliferate in the future and will be instrumental in changing organisational culture – everyone will be already used to and expected to participate in innovating a business, which will lead to a higher success in innovation programmes.

If you are curious and want to know more or are interested in enrolling, head on to the University of Bristol website for more information.