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Unconventional Interview Questions

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Startups are known for their unconventional work environments – so it’s unsurprising that a great many tech startups have some unconventional interview questions. We’ve been but amongst some other tech companies, offering one of our most unconventional interview questions to LondonLovesBusiness:

The bag of money question
Simon Hill, founder and MD of idea management software start-up Wazoku, thinks it’s important to ascertain a person’s moral values.
The one he likes best is, “If you find a bag of money on the street, what do you do with it and why?”

“It gives good insight into a candidate’s ethics and whilst it isn’t a deal-breaker question, reactions are always interesting and you certainly get a flavour of a personality with that one.”

Another question we like to ask? How are you at table tennis? We’ve got a pretty good competition going around the office. Read this and more unconventional questions on LondonLovesBusiness.