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Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage is a type of data storage where the digital data is stored remotely, spanning multiple servers and sometimes even locations,  typically owned and managed by a hosting company, who are responsible for keeping data available for keeping the data available and accessible. Cloud storage usage is on the rise and has been for quite a while.

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The advantages are clear:

  • Cost – External hard drives are expensive, cloud storage can be a cheaper option.
  • Invisibility – Every file you own will be out there somewhere and it won’t be taking up any physical space in the office or at home.
  • Security – Especially for businesses, special care is taken so that confidential data is safely stored away.
  • Automation – Backups mostly don’t get done because users forget about them, by using cloud storage this process can be automated.
  • Accessibility – Everyone is permanently connected, either through a phone, a tablet or a computer and backing up files between all of them can be a tricky process. With online cloud storage, this becomes a much easier task.
  • Syncing – Ensures that your files are all up to date and that you have the latest version of a file on all your devices.
  • Sharing – Online storage makes the sharing process quick and easy, whether you want to share a single photo or a group of files.
  • Collaboration – Cloud storage allows for multiple users to collaborate and share files or documents.
  • Protection – Adds a layer of protection to your irreplaceable files.
  • Recovery – If something happens and there is data loss, you’ll have backups of all your original files, that can be restored almost instantly.

With all these advantages, it is no surprise that cloud storage is so popular these days. Because it’s become such an integral part of business life, we have now integrated our idea management platform Idea Spotlight with cloud storage solutions Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. This is a positive move, as you can easily share content on Idea Spotlight on the go, making the innovation process more efficient and better integrated with the user’s daily working life.

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