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Innovation can happen anywhere. But a lot of the companies we work with daily notice that the best ideas come from not one individual stumbling upon an idea late at night, but from a group of individuals working together. This is one of the reasons we’ve done our best to develop and implement things like Converations, Communities, Groups, and other features of our platform that let employees not just pitch ideas, but interact with them and build better, more innovative solutions. Our integration with tibbr is part of that continued commitment toward making the ideal platform for any company to innovate in.

Essentially, tibbr is a social network for work. It provides a company with the space for employees to work together in what’s now a very familiar environment. They can work on projects, meet deadlines, discuss issues all in one simple and easy to use platform – and now they can carry out generate and implement ideas! Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight integration with tibbr allows employees to not just interact, but to build on that interaction.

We know that ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, and at any time which is why we’ve sought to make Idea Spotlight increasingly accessible. Ideas can sometimes come from light discussion with co-workers. With the benefit of the Idea Spotlight integration with tibbr’s social networking platform, employees can use the familiar tibbr tools to collaborate and build on an idea. freely interact and then decide to build a viable idea off of their social interaction. This integration is mutually beneficial. Not only does it give Idea Spotlight the benefit a backend of a social network that encompasses a company culture, but it also provides a tibbr social network with an aspect an app that’s directly and purposefully devoted toward innovation and improvement.

We’re proud to announce this integration as it provides opportunities for those who already have a tibbr social network and it provides other new options for our current customers who may wish to opt for implement a large social network to encompass other aspects of their business. And lastly, it demonstrates to those currently considering an innovation management solution how committed we are toward making innovation not just a corporate buzzword, but an everyday reality in the office.