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Three Ways To Pitch Idea Generation Software

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Incremental innovation_group discussingPitching new innovative ideas can sometimes be enough of a challenge. As Innovation Excellence recently pointed out, there are quite often strong “antibodies” against change within companies. Pitching idea management software to leadership could be a task of it’s own. But here are three strong reasons to implement idea management software into your company:

Use an existing problem. One of the benefits of idea management software is that it can help your company not only generate new ideas, but solve current problems. If you can utilise a current example within your own company or lay out how idea management software could have helped you overcome a problem sooner within your company, you may just have the key piece of evidence and explanation that will win over some of the more stagnant elements in your company.

Show a record of success. There are plenty of examples of successful innovation processes where implementing idea management software either solved a problem or gave a company what they needed to generate new ideas that have sustained their businesses. Any idea management solution should be able to provide examples of companies they’ve worked with. Our own portfolio includes companies like Faber and Faber, Education First, The Borough of Hackney, and recently, The BBC. Some skeptics may need clear examples of success with companies in similar sectors to convince them of how effective it can be within their own.

Plan the integration. It might be more work on your part, truthfully. But a primary concern of many businesses is how to integrate innovation within their own companies, and rightly so. Some business practices and hierarchies are solid and difficult to move. That isn’t to say that it’s impossible. One of the things we offer companies is assistance with is implementing their software with ease into their companies. If you can demonstrate to higher ups how you would integrate the software and how the innovation process could work within their company, that might be the tipping point for whoever needs convincing.

There a variety of benefits to implementing idea management software, but if you’re looking to convince a few stubborn higher ups of the benefits, these three suggestions may assist you.

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