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Three Reasons Innovation Management Software Works for Governments

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Governments are facing multiple issues and challenges currently, including a need to interact with their constituencies in order to find the best solutions for problems. The methods that governments have used to gather feedback, such as opinion polls or town hall meetings, not only take a lot of time, but don’t necessarily allow for viewing new ideas in the best format. That’s where innovation management software can come in. It’s not just for companies looking to find the newest product or expansion, it’s also for governments seeking to solve the myriad of problems they face. For these reasons, we believe governments can benefit from innovation management:

Innovation strategy_checklist

1 – Having a real conversation. Opinion polls and even town hall meetings don’t allow you to have a proper conversation with constituents. Opinion polls and sometimes even surveys or consultations can only reflect one side of the issue without allowing for feedback and discussion and town hall meetings don’t always allow everyone the opportunity to speak. If you want to truly have a conversation with your constituents, a solution where they can pitch and discuss ideas amongst themselves in an easy to access online portal can create a far easier system for administrators to manage.

2 – Proactively solve problems. Challenges allow you to seek ideas for specific problems so you don’t have to wait for them to become an issue. Innovation management software isn’t just about addressing the current problems you face, but also about anticipating issues and creating a better relationship with you and your constituents. Quite often, the work of governments is behind doors without much communication between officials and their audiences. The benefit of having an idea management solution is that it makes this process more involved and transparent for constituents. When they see that you are addressing key issues and seeking their feedback, it allows you to do more than just damage control, but also be proactive.

3 – Create a real community. Government officials often have multiple tasks and issues to balance, making it very difficult sometimes to stay connected to everyday constituents. The benefit of an innovation management solution is that it provides you with a gateway to begin creating that community. When constituents have a place to voice their opinions and a way for that effort to be recognised, they feel more apart of the system. We find this with clients who use our software within companies stretched across the globe. Being part of one big community is very much possible, but it comes down to whether government officials have those means to create a platform for that community. Innovation management software can provide that platform.

There are a variety of ways governments can benefit from idea management. We’ve highlighted the major three here, but we will also be discussing innovation management with regards to governments in an upcoming webinar. For details on that, keep a look out on our blog and social networks!