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The Social Chain : The New Mass Media Marketing Breakthrough

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A look into the weird and wonderful world of Twitter. Who are The Social Chain? And how do they directly affect nearly half of all Twitter’s registered users?

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At the end of Q4 2014, it was calculated that there were roughly 288 million users on the social media site. This seems to be a number that is ever-increasing, but this also means that the reach of large accounts is only going to grow.
This is something that active users are starting to notice. Companies are realising the power of an extensive social reach, and every man and his dog who wants to spread their business message is now promoting on twitter. But what about non business accounts?
More specifically: comedy accounts; parody accounts. What do Lord Voldemort, Gareth Bale, Betty White and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? They’re all parody accounts, obviously not endorsed by their retrospective namesakes, but they share around 5 million followers.
Take an example, you follow a twitter account, you read, share and retweet some humorous content, but then, suddenly this major account is talking about how good the next Candy Crush clone is. And then another big account is. Suddenly everyone is talking about it. It’s trending. So naturally you’re interested. It doesn’t matter if it’s any good or not, they got you to download it, without you ever seeing an advert once.

Welcome to the breakthrough marketing agency that is The Social Chain. CEO and founder, Steve Bartlett is 22 years old, dropped out of university after one lecture, and runs Europe’s largest influencer marketing agency. In a recent interview with Virgin Media, he explained his business model:

“We own hundreds of massive social media pages across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These include fun, topical, interest-based, informative and celebrity channels. This means that in the click of one button, we can make around 66 million people see any message we want, at once. It’s powerful. When we seamlessly talk about brands, services or products through our channels, millions of people see it instantly, huge hype is generated, and thousands of people talk. We can effectively make anything trend on twitter within twenty minutes, and we’ve driven people to Microsoft, Just-Eat, Spotify and Universal Pictures, to name but a few!”

The power of such a social reach coming relatively under everyone’s noses and exploding into the market shows us a great reminder of the power of true innovation. But it also shows, once again, that the force of having people connected to your brand. A long time follower of The LAD Bible will be much more likely to click on a link advertising something than someone that doesn’t follow at all.

In summary, whether you are promoting a product, or simply running a business, connect with your user base. People will feel instantly more involved and engaged with something if they have been a part of creating it; and the best part, is that they’ll do it for you.