The Connected Enterprise – Office 365 and Wazoku, a truly great idea!

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Over the past six or so months we have been working hard on a very exciting project here at Wazoku HQ. A few weeks ago the first phase of that project was released to the world and I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about it and its significance.

Idea Spotlight and Office365 Integration

A bit of background:

Microsoft’s Office 365 product suite is a true enterprise powerhouse in the enterprise software world. It was a bold move by the wise and wonderful at Microsoft to lead with Office 365 as their cloud only enterprise solution for all things Exchange, Office, SharePoint and more. It is clearly a significant step change for the business away from its traditional roots of enterprise license based software to true annuity based cloud software.

I was on my honeymoon in Costa Rica and everywhere along the highway we saw Office 365 billboards and it really struck me just how significant this whole strategy was to the future of the Microsoft business. Aside from the fact that this really ought to have been far from my mind whilst on honeymoon (it was a fleeting thought I promise!), it was also a thought that really solidified a strategy in my mind that we had been discussing at Wazoku but not yet committed to. Integration. Integration. Integration.

I have been working now in early stage enterprise technology for 8 years and have seen the early rise of disruptive tech all the way through the various old, new and newer mainstays of this every expanding and increasingly complex world. Having been on both sides of the fence however, I can empathise with the business user who just wants the best tools to do their job and the business CTO/CIO who wants to maintain some level of control of their corporate systems, users, IP, data etc.

The Rise of the Connected Enterprise

You will often find me on stage talking to a highly engaged (ahem!) audience and it will usually be easy to bucket my presentation into one of three general areas:

1. The Democratised Workplace on topics including decentralised working, intrapreneurship, best practices for corporate innovation, employee engagement etc.

2. Co-creation, crowdsourcing, participative and collaborative innovation etc.

3. The Connected Enterprise covering digital workplace, collaborative working practices, the evolving API etc.

These are all somewhat overlapping from the day-to-day perspective of my life here at Wazoku, but it is the latter of these that is most pertinent to this post.

Imagine a world where ideas were at the very heart of your daily working practices….

It is increasingly not just a question, but increasingly a requirement, that true enterprise SaaS platforms are more able to connect, integrate, share information, work (and play) nicely together. This is no longer a far fetched dream for the forward thinking CIO.

It is a mantra right at the very heart of our strategy here at Wazoku. In many senses it is our strategy. Ideas will spring to mind driven by various activities, stimuli or events….it is incumbent on us to ensure that at that time, it is as easy as possible for you to quickly share that idea in the correct format without having to deviate at all/too far from what you were doing. In our discussions with Microsoft we understood that they were looking to build on the adoption of Office 365 across the enterprise.

Imagine a world where ideas are at the very heart of your daily working practices. Our Office 365 integration puts ideas at the heart of your daily working across the Microsoft 365 suite. I am somewhat biased, but it is a hugely powerful integration and really is a example of how the connected enterprise can really add value. You can find out a bit more about the specifics of it here.

Ultimately,the validation for this strategy will come from all of you. Our customers and potential customers will tell us whether we have got it right. The good news is that you already are. We are seeing real traction around this and with more to come these are exciting times. We will are true believers in the connected enterprise, the digital workplace and truly democratised working and collaboration. Watch this space for more on this over 2015.