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Technology is always evolving

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If you’ve been around for 30 years or more, you will have noticed the sometimes dizzying speed of innovation – new products, improvements on existing ones and all sorts of paraphernalia. If you think of it, if you were reading this back in the 80’s, you’d probably be doing it on a newspaper or a magazine – or maybe not at all, as making content available for everyone, by anyone was something difficult and expensive to do.

Connected Ideas_tech

Just consider some of the things that we now can’t live without but have somewhat recently entered our lives:

  • Internet
  • PC/laptop computers
  • Mobile phones
  • E-mail
  • Online shopping
  • GPS
  • LCD displays
  • Digital photography
  • ATMs

There are many more things that we could add to this list, such as medical discoveries such as the MRI machine or DNA sequencing… but lets for a moment just focus on the things we all interact with on a daily basis. There is no doubt that our lives have changed, some would argue not necessary for the best – proof of this would be the endless number of articles proliferating on the internet on how to deal with too much email, how to deal with constant interruption, lack of sleep due to too much exposure to screen lights, and other similar situations – the list is endless.

Regardless of the downside of these technologies, the fact that they have shaped our world and culture is undebatable. What was once entrusted to the realm of sci-fi is now part of the lives of billions of people on the planet.

Although some people can argue that the speed at which innovation is happening is slowing down, technology is still evolving. We may still be a few years (or decades?) away from HAL 9000 or robot wars a la Terminator but we are already picking candidates to go to Mars in 2024. One can only wonder what technology will bring us next, holidays on the Moon, maybe?

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