#techforgood meetup with Think, Drink, Do

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#techforgood joined forces with the peeps over at Think Drink Do and organised an event that had more than 300+ attendees – no wonder there were so many people standing up, as you can see on the photo. It was a full house last Monday night at Google Campus for the meetup, where were all went to hear about how technology can be used for changing behaviours and help resolve social challenges. #techforgood, as the name suggests, about using tech for good purposes, to help make the world a better place. Might sound like an utopian idea to most, but seeing all these passionate people involved in these projects does make one a bit hopeful for the future.

The themes ranged from behavioural science, to how can products be designed to influence behavioural change. There were quite a few speakers for the night, Edward Gardiner, Behavioural Design Lead with the Design Council, who talked about how behavioural science can provide the platform for practical, creative solutions to social issues. There were also Nick Stanhope and Katherine Collett, both from Shift Design. They covered Shift’s approach to developing successful consumer facing products that enable change and the lessons learned from Shift’s Bio Feedback game (finalist in the Google Impact Challenge) and the reality of making behaviour change happen in live product development. Finally Rupert Tebb from This is Paper talked about Spruce, an app designed in collaboration with the British Liver Trust, to help reduce alcohol consumption in under 30’s.

Along with the interesting talks there was also opportunity for attendees to ask questions and drink some free beer.  All in all, an evening well spent, with plenty of opportunities to learn about new things and network. If you’d like to come along to one of these in the future, join the Tech for Good group at Meetup. All in all, it was good to see so many different people, working on their own exciting startup projects, and London seems to be full of them!

If you’d like to read what was discussed in more detail, head on over to the Bethnal Green Ventures blog, where you will find tweets, pictures and a lot more!