MinuteHack Interview – Wazoku CEO, Simon Hill

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‘It’s Important To Celebrate The Small Wins’ Wazoku is growing 60% a year with its solution helping businesses organise bright ideas. Simon Hill, founder of Wazoku, tells MH how a lucky encounter launched the business in the broadsheet press, why it’s growing 60% a year and why he fears a Brexit tech brain drain. Tell us about your business Wazoku …

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Saving big ticket projects like Google Glass with collaborative innovation

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I read some interesting comments about the much publicised “failure” of Google Glass  from Google’s Innovation Chief Astro Teller this week from the legendary SWSW festival, courtesy of Seb Joseph at The Drum. In a nutshell he explains that the innovation team encouraged too much attention for the wearable technology and that they “did things which encouraged people to think …


Wazoku in the News – Finfacts Ireland

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Wazoku was just mentioned in the news as Simon Hill was invited to comment on a recent EIU report on innovation. Companies see significant room for improvement in their ability to innovate, EIU report shows. Follow the link to read the article or click the image to download a PDF version.


Wazoku in the news: University of Oxford Press Coverage

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With the launch of Idea Spotlight for the University of Oxford, we have seen our name in the news a few times. Here are the articles that showed up on the internet about this great event for Wazoku: TechWorld – Oxford University launches cloud-based digital innovation platform for staff and students.   The C Suite – Cloud Platform to Harness Oxford Uni’s …