Ideas for continuous improvement – the Waitrose Story

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Waitrose, a leading retailer with 350+ locations, is one of the largest employee-owned businesses in the world, and those employees are the keys to their innovation success. Let’s take a look at the Waitrose story, from process improvement challenges to tangible success. The Challenge Waitrose was in search of a way to increase levels of idea generation and engagement within …

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The power of agile innovation

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Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, Intuit and Capital One. Just a few examples of high-profile market leaders that publicly attribute their ongoing innovation successes to their commitment to digital experimentation. These firms can expect their creatives to experiment freely and regularly. A few years ago, Google said that it ran between 3,000 and 5,000 experiments annually. And as a user …

Software gives suggestion scheme a boost at Waitrose

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Suggestion schemes are nothing new, but underpin them with idea management software and they can boost engagement and even save money, as Cath Everett discovers.  If you want to ensure someone feels valued and respected, taking the time to listen to their ideas is a great start. And, as supermarket chain Waitrose has realised, the same applies to the workplace, …


What can Wolverine teach us about engaging the crowd in creativity & innovation?

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It seems that movie Hugh Jackman is helping Hollywood wake-up to the wonders of engaging the crowd to generate creative ideas. A series of tweets he posted yesterday suggest that he’s crowdsourcing ideas from fans for the final Wolverine film. His first tweet alone received 11 thousand responses! Given it’s the fans who will ultimately buy the tickets to make …

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Successful innovation can be as simple as serving up mac ‘n cheese for dinner

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The word innovation often strikes fear into the hearts of many as it is so often associated with making big, “blue-sky thinking” changes. The kinds of changes which disrupt working life, really challenge the way we approach whatever field we work in, and often at great financial expense. But as my colleague Jon discussed last week in his post Government …