When is technology bad for innovation?

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Yes, the title ‘when is technology bad for innovation’ is deliberately provocative. As illogical as it may seem, technology without constraint harms our ability to be innovative. Before I go any further, I am not opposed to technology and in fact am the Chief Strategy & Product Officer for Wazoku, responsible for the product vision for our innovation management platform. …

Agile Innovation is the Future of Banking (a perspective)

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There is an undeniable friction between old legacy systems and the introduction of new innovative technologies. New customer demand means these systems need to updated at the back end to make the front end of banking inviting and intuitive – but the cost of this is seen as prohibitive to banks when compared to the cost of merely maintaining and …

5 best TED talks on innovation

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TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a set of conferences founded in 1984 as a one-off event. It was then established as a regular conference in 1990, which has been growing not just in numbers but also popularity since they started getting shared on the internet. The main focus of these conferences started as technology and design and it’s no …


Millennials and customer service

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We have all heard many things about Millennials – how technology defines them, how quick they are to adopt new technologies and how software suppliers should develop their tools to suit them. We think however in B2B SaaS there is a requirement to cater our product and customer service to all levels of tech knowledge and enthusiasm. When working within varied …

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Spotlight on Innovation: EyeQuant

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Our chat with Nathalie Nahai (@TheWebPsych) went very well! If you didn’t get the chance to join us and hear about Web Psychology, you can watch a recording of the chat below or on >our Google Plus page   Our next chat will be with Fabian Stelzer, the co-founder and CEO of EyeQuant (@EyeQuant), an artificial intelligence that instantly predicts …

How Open Innovation Works

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Open innovation is for many a new scary but hopefully exciting paradigm within the weird and wonderful world of innovation, data, insight, brainstorming and co-creation. It comes with a sack full of newly defined buzzwords. It embraces and converges often with other connected and similarly fascinating new approaches to working, such as collaboration and social. But does it work? The …

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Custom Processes for Custom Companies

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It’s important not just to gather ideas, but also to have a way of getting those ideas to cross the finish line. The problem a lot of companies and organisations face is that their method of getting ideas to the is unique to them – and why shouldn’t it be? Every company has their own individual process and their own …


Crowdsourcing Software and Innovation

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According to the Financial Express, “PwC’s 16th Annual Global CEO Survey suggests that CEOs are looking for new ways to stimulate demand and foster customer loyalty. They also aim to keep their R&D costs down and make the innovation process more efficient”. For this reason, CEOs and CIOs are putting more emphasis on innovating in order to remain competitive. Crowdsourcing …