How we cultivate sustainability and help our customers do the same

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At Wazoku the tools and processes we recommend to our customers when generating ideas or solving business challenges are the same we adopt internally. Balbu, is what we’ve branded our own idea management platform instance in our organisation. We use Balbu to run internal competitions, test and develop product features and improve operational and business processes to name a few.


From Global to Local: Aligning SDGs with your Business Goals

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A sustainable focus for 2019 The Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an action taken by the United Nations and the world to address global challenges related to poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. The 17 SDGs are all interconnected, and, as a global initiative, it’s up to local businesses to drive change. Every initiative counts and every …

Award-Winning Innovation in Scandinavia, Powered by Wazoku

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Last week saw the completion of two major innovation initiatives in Copenhagen: The Upcycle Challenge and Copenhagen Fintech Week. Both programmes embraced open innovation – powered by Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight.  The first to crowdsource ideas from the general public to revolutionise the sustainability of the construction industry and the latter to engage the most exciting startups in Copenhagen to pitch …

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The Key To Sustainable Innovation

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Innovation is the lifeblood of a company – it drives business growth, can increase market share, and also drive your company to find new fields of expertise.  But to enter new markets and continuously grow with new and competitively differentiated products, companies can no longer rely on ad hoc innovation processes and accidental innovation. To fuel the kind of innovation …