The Importance of Celebrating Success

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When an organisation develops an innovation strategy, it must communicate it clearly across the entire organisation, commit to practicing innovation and make it safe to innovate. Generating, collating, analysing and implementing ideas successfully – as part of a wider innovation strategy, calls for celebration and recognition of your triumph in innovation. Why is it so important to celebrate success?


Making The Right Mix For Successful Innovation

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For innovation to be successful, a mix of activities should be encouraged and embraced. At the moment, many of the organisations I speak to are already innovating on an incremental scale; making small-scale internal changes to existing processes, quick wins if you will. There’s no doubt that these are culturally and commercially vital. You only have to look at Waitrose, …


Failure won’t always turn into success

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There seems to be a habit forming amongst risky companies, especially in start-ups: many say that success doesn’t come first time around that you need to fail before you can succeed. While there is truth to this statement, it is starting to look like this ideal is being construed incorrectly; with businesses taking pride in their failures, as if to …

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Successful innovation can be as simple as serving up mac ‘n cheese for dinner

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The word innovation often strikes fear into the hearts of many as it is so often associated with making big, “blue-sky thinking” changes. The kinds of changes which disrupt working life, really challenge the way we approach whatever field we work in, and often at great financial expense. But as my colleague Jon discussed last week in his post Government …

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Government Digital Services: building up the blocks of incremental innovation

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The UK government often gets a bad rap when it comes to launching new services or updating technology. Its Universal Credit programme, the biggest overhaul of the benefits system since the 1940s, being the most recent. It’s already taken 4 years and £700 million to get to where it currently stands, and earlier this month it was suggested that it …

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Looking for Success

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When thinking about innovation, change and ideas it is important to consider and understand what success means to you, your organisation and the greater good. Simply coming up with ideas and changes that you want to try and implement isn’t enough, but having a good follow through with those, a vision for the direction to take them is equally as …