Why collaboration is crucial for the future of work

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The workplace of today is so different to the workplace of 50 or even 25 years ago; it has changed completely. Everything is faster, more immediate, more accessible and more global. The workforce itself is more geographically dispersed, more transient and less tied to the physical workplace, with technology, of course, underpinning a lot of these changes. We now regularly …


A brief history of work, innovation and skills in the UK

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There’s no question the world of work has evolved over time. Advances in mechanisation, mass production and, more recently, technology have shaped where and how we work, as well as what we produce. The need for people and organisations to innovate has always been there but what’s much harder to comprehend, and therefore navigate, is the rapid pace of change …


Government powers are waking up to the benefits of open collaboration

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I’ve long been singing the praises of collaboration when it comes to driving efficiency, growth and innovation. I founded Wazoku because I believe passionately in the power of working together to generate, evolve and implement ideas. And it works – you only have to read about the work we’ve been doing with Aviva to save the organisation £60m a year…the …