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Spotlight on Innovation: EyeQuant

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Our chat with Nathalie Nahai (@TheWebPsych) went very well! If you didn’t get the chance to join us and hear about Web Psychology, you can watch a recording of the chat below or on >our Google Plus page   Our next chat will be with Fabian Stelzer, the co-founder and CEO of EyeQuant (@EyeQuant), an artificial intelligence that instantly predicts …

Defining Idea Management

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While some individuals are well versed in idea management as a concept, sometimes we find that we have to explain what the concept means and once individuals understand the problem, the solution makes perfect sense. Ideas and inspiration in their raw formats are difficult to control and manage. They come to us at any point in time and don’t always …

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Custom Processes for Custom Companies

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It’s important not just to gather ideas, but also to have a way of getting those ideas to cross the finish line. The problem a lot of companies and organisations face is that their method of getting ideas to the is unique to them – and why shouldn’t it be? Every company has their own individual process and their own …


Crowdsourcing Software and Innovation

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According to the Financial Express, “PwC’s 16th Annual Global CEO Survey suggests that CEOs are looking for new ways to stimulate demand and foster customer loyalty. They also aim to keep their R&D costs down and make the innovation process more efficient”. For this reason, CEOs and CIOs are putting more emphasis on innovating in order to remain competitive. Crowdsourcing …

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Empathy Before Innovation

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When some of our clients begin looking for innovation management software, they often already have an idea of what it is they want and how they want to use it. Part of our job to ensure our clients’ success is to shake up their presumptions about innovation while at the same time, understanding what their needs and issues are. We …

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Innovation Management: An Organisation’s Lifeblood

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Many companies are concerned with being able to assess the value of what an idea management system would bring to them. The value of ideas is something that we have proven through our discussion of process excellence, but specific numbers are sometimes difficult to access. Primarily, it depends on the sector, the company, the employees, the clients, the stakeholders, and …

Process Excellence with Suggestion Software

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There are a lot of huge benefits to utilising a crowd to accomplish a task. In terms of funding, the ability to raise a large amount of money with small donations from a number of people has already proven effective. Suggestion software is essentially crowdsourcing for ideas, but idea management takes it a step further. With idea management, you don’t …


What is the innovation process?

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A lot of our current potential clients are identifying the pain points of needing to collect ideas and manage them for the purposes of business development, stakeholder management, and process improvement. Most of these pain points break down to the question: ‘What is the innovation process?’ Online idea management makes that innovation process a lot easier and saves time. Below …

Idea Management System Comparison

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Comparing the features if different idea management systems can be difficult, not only because these features can be adaptable, but also because one feature may combine many functions that can’t be directly comparable to another. Although Gartner’s done a Who’s Who in Innovation Management Technology report which does contain some feature comparison, at a whopping $995, many don’t have the …