(Series 7/8) How To Carry Great Ideas Through To Completion

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So you’ve been working hard, knuckling down and coming up with some great business ideas. Ideas which genuinely could make all the difference to your organisation. But now we’re hitting the most crucial stage of all. As you know, idea generation isn’t the problem for most companies, idea completion is. You have the idea, you even multiple ideas from across …

Defining Idea Management

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While some individuals are well versed in idea management as a concept, sometimes we find that we have to explain what the concept means and once individuals understand the problem, the solution makes perfect sense. Ideas and inspiration in their raw formats are difficult to control and manage. They come to us at any point in time and don’t always …

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Custom Processes for Custom Companies

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It’s important not just to gather ideas, but also to have a way of getting those ideas to cross the finish line. The problem a lot of companies and organisations face is that their method of getting ideas to the is unique to them – and why shouldn’t it be? Every company has their own individual process and their own …


Wazoku Sponsors Crowdsourcing Week

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Wazoku is sponsoring Crowdsourcing Week, an upcoming event on October 3rd, 2013 in London. Crowdsourcing Week helps organizations become more involved in an increasingly open, connected, and socially productive society. The week will be about how crowdsourcing can address the needs of today’s leaders to bring about meaningful change. Their goal is to get everyone thinking about collaborating with their stakeholders …

Wazoku & tibbr

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Ideas can happen anytime and anywhere, and the best ideas are usually built through interactions from lots of people with different points of view, rather than in isolation from a single individual. The key is bringing everyone together in a structured way. The BBC recently found themselves needing to address this challenge – they had a large employee base filled …


Public Sector’s Best Resource: Their People

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In our previous post we took a high level view on the drivers for, and new approaches to, innovation within the public sector. In this follow up article, we will explore the considerable innovative capacity, capability and potential within teams, departments and organisations across the public sector, and look at the various approaches to engaging and unlocking this. We live …

Fresh Ideas in the Public Sector

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Innovation within the public sector can be complex and challenging. We understand that attitudes are changing within the public sector to focus more on innovation efforts. We’re going to be publishing a series of blogs on public sector innovation as well as hosting a webinar we’d love to see you attend if you’d like to learn more. As an innovation service provider …

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Empathy Before Innovation

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When some of our clients begin looking for innovation management software, they often already have an idea of what it is they want and how they want to use it. Part of our job to ensure our clients’ success is to shake up their presumptions about innovation while at the same time, understanding what their needs and issues are. We …

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Innovation Management: An Organisation’s Lifeblood

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Many companies are concerned with being able to assess the value of what an idea management system would bring to them. The value of ideas is something that we have proven through our discussion of process excellence, but specific numbers are sometimes difficult to access. Primarily, it depends on the sector, the company, the employees, the clients, the stakeholders, and …


Innovation in Sport

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On first glance, a football team may seem like the least likely targets as idea software customers, especially since most of their work is done out on a field, not behind a computer. But our approach to idea management, is based on the theory of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, something that companies like Toyota also use to improve their factories. …