50,000 thoughts a day? You better put them to good use! – an interview with our CEO Simon Hill

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Our CEO Simon Hill will be participating in the upcoming Intrapreneurship Conference in New York City on the 21st -23rd of October. Running up to the event, Simon Hill gave an interview on the Intrapreneurship Conference website, sharing some of his thoughts on intrapreneurship, culture change in organisations and the meaning of Wazoku.  

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Wazoku announces Idea Spotlight App for Microsoft Office 365

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“Innovation must be integrated with existing business processes and integrating with Office 365 puts idea generation at the heart of the enterprise.” In accordance with our announcement that Idea Spotlight now integrates with Microsoft Office 365 through the Office store, here’s a piece from SourceWire talking about the benefits of this, and how it could effect your business. To read …


The Go-Ahead Group and Wazoku on Rail Professional magazine

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The Go-Ahead Group has just been featured in Rail Professional magazine, talking about the work they are doing with Wazoku, to engage their employees in innovating and improving services, all with the end customer in mind. Rail Professional is a monthly business-oriented railway magazine read by the industry’s managers, born out of the privatisation of the industry and the need …

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‘We need the next Ice Bucket Challenge’

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The Guardian recently published an interesting piece on how viral campaigns can actually be hurtful for the majority of charities out there. The reasons appointed for this are very simple: For the past 12 months the mantra “We need to do the next Ice Bucket Challenge” has been bandied about in meetings between senior managers and their heads of digital. …