2 Ted Talks you cannot afford to miss

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Recently we’ve had these two TED Talk presentations going around the office and we thought we should also share them with you, as both have very interesting lessons on the innovation process. In this 2009 Ted Talk, Dan Pink presents us “The Puzzle of Motivation”. Using the candle problem as an example, he explains how businesses have been getting it …


What motivates people?

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Having engaged staff is not an easy accomplishment. In order to motivate your staff to participate, you have to find out what makes them tick. As a SaaS provider that has customers in different parts of the world, it is an interesting exercise to see what people in distant places are excited about.  We have seen different incentives being suggested on …

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How to change people’s behaviours

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Changing one’s behaviours is hard enough, what to say about changing other people’s behaviours? Some people can even be extremely resistant to change and can become a real obstacle on a team. But how can you influence people’s behaviours in a simple and positive way, avoiding conflicts? This question may have been answered a great deal of times, but the …