Innovation Roundtable Discussion: Agile organisation, Culture & Leadership for Innovation

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At this year’s Innovation Roundtable Summit in Copenhagen, I moderated a roundtable discussion on some of the challenges businesses face when trying to build a more agile organisation, grow a culture of innovation and navigate leadership and mindset. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the Q&A – all answers are anonymised and summarised. What have you found most …


10 Ultimate Traits Of An Innovation Leader

wazoku Blog

Almost every organisation out there would love to have a leader who knows how to make a company more innovative; but they can be hard to come by.  However, you may already have managers in your organisation with the potential to do this. They simply need some guidance as to how to become the kind of leader that inspires their …


[Series 5/8] Be A Great Leader. Encourage Innovative Thinking.

wazoku Blog

Great innovative ideas come from any employee that knows their business, their customer and their specific needs. What employees like this need are leaders that know how to stimulate diversity of thought, leading to a cross-pollination of ideas. Leaders that inspire their workforce to think innovatively, creating a culture that fosters collaborative problem-solving. Are you that kind of leader? Senior …