The Connected Enterprise – Office 365 and Wazoku, a truly great idea!

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Over the past six or so months we have been working hard on a very exciting project here at Wazoku HQ. A few weeks ago the first phase of that project was released to the world and I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about it and its significance. A bit of background: Microsoft’s Office 365 product suite …

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Wazoku announces Idea Spotlight App for Microsoft Office 365

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“Innovation must be integrated with existing business processes and integrating with Office 365 puts idea generation at the heart of the enterprise.” In accordance with our announcement that Idea Spotlight now integrates with Microsoft Office 365 through the Office store, here’s a piece from SourceWire talking about the benefits of this, and how it could effect your business. To read …


Mental Health and Policing Survey

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Wazoku has partnered with the The Independent Commission on Mental Health to conduct a review of the London Metropolitan Police Service in relation to how the police interact with people with mental health problems. The Commission wishes to gather a range of views to help make this a relevant and grounded report, strengthened by the understanding of the direct experience …


Innovation in industry – Balsamiq Mockups

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Balsamiq is a software company that offers useful and easy to use prototyping for apps and web sites, working on desktop or in a web browser. These apps are called mockups and allow a designer to arrange pre-built widgets. Founded in 2008, Balsamiq is fast-growing and passionate about helping software designers and developers sketch out their ideas.  For the first 3 …