Engaging your community to future-proof your organisation

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Engagement is a current hot topic and one of the solutions that’s being presented to organisations that want to be innovative. Engaging employees is great and can yield results, but it’s come to a point where organisations have to expand their communities to include external members. There are other stakeholders in an organisation’s sphere that will also have interesting things …

The Automation Apocalypse

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The robots are coming. They’ve wiped out the luddites now they’re coming for you. It’s a statement easy to believe judging by current hysteria around automation, a hysteria that seems to have reached a new peak. But as far back as 1978, Prime Minister James Callaghan was enlisting a think tank to tackle, “silicon chips that are programmed to do …


When is technology bad for innovation?

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Yes, the title ‘when is technology bad for innovation’ is deliberately provocative. As illogical as it may seem, technology without constraint harms our ability to be innovative. Before I go any further, I am not opposed to technology and in fact am the Chief Strategy & Product Officer for Wazoku, responsible for the product vision for our innovation management platform. …

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Surviving change: how law firms can innovate

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According to statistics divulged by the profession’s regulator, the number of practising solicitors in England continues to grow. Surprisingly, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis in December 2009, there were nearly 112,600 practising solicitors, a figure that climbed to nearly 135,000 as of April this year. This was an increase of about 20% and in less than 10 …

Don’t let economic uncertainty hamper innovation

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In the relatively early stages of the year, businesses are looking to evaluate their strategies in a time of economic and political uncertainty. In the last few months it would appear that uncertainty has become the new norm. Events like Brexit, the US presidential election and the fluctuation of Sterling, among others, are encouraging an atmosphere of doubt and indecision for …


Democracy in Action – Crowdsourcing at the RSA

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“Fundamentally, economics is not about finding a right set of answers or mastering concepts that only economists can understand. Economics is about human relationships, value and judgements – which can and should involve everyone.”  Reema Patel, the RSA Today’s a big day for our customer, the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), as they start …

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2017 will be to banking what 2016 was to politics

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Banking is at a crossroads against its own will, facing threats from Brexit regulation, from Trump – and continued change from social and technological evolution. Disruption is no longer on the horizon, it is on every financial institution’s doorstep. These are my predictions for the banking industry in 2017. Tech giants to continue encroaching on financial territory, with a significant …


What is differentiated innovation?

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In the first report in the series, The New Innovation Conversation, we introduced the notion that innovation applies to all businesses, in all sectors. It’s also about making innovation part of everyone’s role, in every team, every day. As such, innovation becomes the by-product of an innovative organisation. In this initial report, we also introduced a framework to work from, …