What is ‘Process Excellence’?

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Many companies search for suggestion software in order to harness the best ideas from their employees, but one of the major selling points we give our clients about idea management is that it’s not just about harnessing the best ideas. It’s also about what we call process excellence. Process excellence is somewhat self explanatory. It’s primarily about small improvements that …


What is the innovation process?

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A lot of our current potential clients are identifying the pain points of needing to collect ideas and manage them for the purposes of business development, stakeholder management, and process improvement. Most of these pain points break down to the question: ‘What is the innovation process?’ Online idea management makes that innovation process a lot easier and saves time. Below …

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Management is the Key of Innovation Management

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The operative word of “innovation management” isn’t actually “innovation”. It’s “management”. Our experience has told us that there’s no short supply of ideas. The last thing most companies need is idea generation software. They already benefit from a wellspring of ideas within their own walls. They just need to learn not only how to access those ideas, but how to …


Hotbed of Innovation on BDaily

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Our founder, Simon Hill, recently wrote an article for BDaily on how to create a hotbed of innovation within your company: The value of innovation and good ideas is increasing all the time. Tough economic conditions means businesses must work harder to differentiate themselves and remain competitive, whilst NESTA (the UK’s innovation agency) stated last year that investment in new …

Engaging a Global Workforce

Charities and Innovation Management

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While there are many challenges facing the charities sector including problems with cuts and the economic crisis, one of the largest obstacles they face is generating innovative ideas for fundraising. Writing for HW & Fisher, Andy Rich argues, “Amid all the uncertainty surrounding cuts, the one thing that is certain is that fundraising techniques will have to evolve — and …

Innovation and ISO Standards

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While results are a clear marker of the measurable success of innovation, ISO standards are quickly becoming measurable goalposts for innovators to shoot for when developing or looking at their idea management processes or platforms. We’ve recently had a look at the ISO 9001 standards and looked at the ways in which Spotlight matches and exceeds those standards. These quotes …


Idea Generation Software? Not Quite.

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Companies and entrepreneurs are always looking for the best way get generate good ideas. StartupsUK recently wrote an article about how some of the best ideas for startups come from travel, Inc features the best industries to start up in to inspire that initial spark, and Forbes writes about how to rediscover your creative side. All around companies want to …


Retail Idea Management Systems

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Simon Hill, founder of Wazoku, recently wrote an article for Retail Times on why idea management is crucial for the retail sector, focusing on the types of innovation and why people are key. Expanding on that article, we’ve included two case studies that demonstrate how retail companies could have benefitted from innovation using specific case studies: Case #1 – Starbucks …

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Innovation Management for Media

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Innovation management is an ideal solution for media organisations that wish to gather ideas about what types of new media to produce and develop the ideas they currently have. But media organisations have long had their own idea generation and development processes and may feel hesitant to adopt a new system, so we’ve put together the top four reasons for …