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The Fidelity story – technology-driven innovation

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The Challenge Fidelity International (Fidelity), one of the UK’s largest investment fund managers, initially started collaborative innovation with Step Change, an IT department run innovation programme, managed through SharePoint. It was a great first step, however, SharePoint was unable to scale the initiative, provide the flexibility required or progress, track and move ideas and data the way Fidelity needed. Fidelity …

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Don’t be afraid of the middle. Embrace it!

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What is wrong with the middle? When it comes to innovation, nothing! To truly differentiate and make your innovation successful, it makes sense to focus on the middle because that is where people are most comfortable and are most likely to embrace change. This may seem counter-intuitive, but as Nir Eyal, a product expert recently wrote, people gravitate toward the …

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Leveraging the Crowd

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In this post we are going to look at one of the first stages of a successful innovation programme – Leveraging the Crowd. Businesses and institutions have been using crowdsourcing for years through focus groups, surveys, consultations and interviews to gather feedback and suggestions. Although the terms “crowdsourcing”, “open innovation” and “ideation” can sound complex and novel, they are merely new methods …


Wazoku Platform Delivers Ideas, Creativity and Improved Communication at SSCL

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Merged teams collaborate on ‘Innovation Station’ London, July 19, 2017- The Wazoku ideas platform, installed last year at Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL), has already engaged 67% of the company’s workforce. It has created 400 ideas with over 50 of these progressed, such as a texting reminder scheme for its customers that has had a significant impact on payroll efficiency. …

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The paradox of a profit-focused company culture

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As a business reaches higher levels of success, it tends to shed any previous startup culture for one that focuses solely on reaching maximum operational efficiency. With this shift comes the increasingly narrower tunnel vision of turning a profit. Fueled by revenue, the company may unknowingly sacrifice the experience of the consumer in order to increase its profit margins. An …

Ideas for continuous improvement – the Waitrose Story

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Waitrose, a leading retailer with 350+ locations, is one of the largest employee-owned businesses in the world, and those employees are the keys to their innovation success. Let’s take a look at the Waitrose story, from process improvement challenges to tangible success. The Challenge Waitrose was in search of a way to increase levels of idea generation and engagement within …

Design thinking for innovation

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Design thinking has become a popular topic for discussion; with industry leaders like IBM and GE embracing and embedding design thinking in their organisations, other organisations are inevitably taking note. Why do it? Design thinking is first and foremost people-centred, deriving products and services to meet a genuine need. This is why the term human-centric design has become so prominent. …