Wazoku Announces Winter 2019 Product Release

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Wazoku, a leading idea management platform, announced its Winter 2019 product release full of features and tools to save administrators time and support innovation at scale across organisations. “More and more organisations use idea management across the business for a wide range of use cases, from improving existing products & services and internal processes, to managing change & transformation projects …

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Why You Need to Innovate

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As an idea management software provider we are faced with multiple use cases and needs for innovation. We work with organisations across all sectors (retail, financial, insurance, media, public sector: health, education, government) and evidently innovation programmes vary greatly from one customer to another. There is not just one path to innovation. Organisational processes differ in goals, management, reach and …

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Big Ideas

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In our previous post we stressed the value of small ideas: they contribute to continuous improvement and their collision, expansion and maturing ultimately build big ideas.  But what does a “big idea” actually mean and how does it reach the stage of a “big idea”? Big ideas are the ones that trigger disruptive innovation and spark real shifts. They are …


Instilling a Culture of Innovation

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In the second post of our Idea Management Programme series, we will show you why instilling and fostering a proper culture of innovation within your organisation is essential to establish a successful idea management programme. In highly competitive markets, innovation is key to stand out, grow and add value. Markets are expanding faster and product and service life cycles are …

Defining Idea Management

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While some individuals are well versed in idea management as a concept, sometimes we find that we have to explain what the concept means and once individuals understand the problem, the solution makes perfect sense. Ideas and inspiration in their raw formats are difficult to control and manage. They come to us at any point in time and don’t always …

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Custom Processes for Custom Companies

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It’s important not just to gather ideas, but also to have a way of getting those ideas to cross the finish line. The problem a lot of companies and organisations face is that their method of getting ideas to the is unique to them – and why shouldn’t it be? Every company has their own individual process and their own …

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Public Sector: The Internet as an Open Innovation Platform

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We live in a digital age. There is nothing highly contentious about that statement. The Internet has driven an explosion in connectivity and given rise to new and innovative ways of working. With its expansive and all-pervasive reach, the Internet has subsequently enabled the rise of social engagement and networking as a genuine and acceptable business tool. As the reliability, …


Crowdsourcing Software and Innovation

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According to the Financial Express, “PwC’s 16th Annual Global CEO Survey suggests that CEOs are looking for new ways to stimulate demand and foster customer loyalty. They also aim to keep their R&D costs down and make the innovation process more efficient”. For this reason, CEOs and CIOs are putting more emphasis on innovating in order to remain competitive. Crowdsourcing …