Award Winners Announced at the Prince’s Trust

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Last month The Prince’s Trust celebrated their first internal Innovation Awards. Colleagues submitted just under 100 nominations recognising one another for the amazing ideas they had collaborated on and developed since July 2018. Bringing innovation to the forefront The Princes Trust, a UK charity whose aim is to help disadvantaged young people get their lives on track, has undergone a …

The world’s largest private perfume and flavour company uses Idea Spotlight to transform innovation and uncover savings.

What do a university, a perfume company and a retail firm have in common? Great ideas

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Sometimes just having ideas is the easy bit – everyone has ideas all the time. But, what constitutes a good idea? This might be a matter of opinion for a lot of people but in business, we could say that a good idea is one that will potentially help generate revenue and growth. Others will improve the lives of employees …


How Can I Be Innovative, I’m No Genius!

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The task of innovation is often left to those with the term in their job title or those in the C-suite, but the most rewarding form of innovation is found when everyone in an organisation is involved in the innovation process. To be innovative; the art of coming up with transformational new ideas (not just new product designs) that bring value, is the …


(Series 1/8) Great ideas for Making EveryDay Innovation A Reality

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“Innovation is fostered by information gathered from new connections; from insights gained by journeys into other disciplines or places; from active, collegial networks and fluid, open boundaries.” – Meg Wheatley, Author and Management Consultant Innovation has been at the top of the agenda for businesses but many are still struggling to successfully build a culture of innovation. 85% agreed that …


What can Wolverine teach us about engaging the crowd in creativity & innovation?

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It seems that movie Hugh Jackman is helping Hollywood wake-up to the wonders of engaging the crowd to generate creative ideas. A series of tweets he posted yesterday suggest that he’s crowdsourcing ideas from fans for the final Wolverine film. His first tweet alone received 11 thousand responses! Given it’s the fans who will ultimately buy the tickets to make …

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Looking for Success

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When thinking about innovation, change and ideas it is important to consider and understand what success means to you, your organisation and the greater good. Simply coming up with ideas and changes that you want to try and implement isn’t enough, but having a good follow through with those, a vision for the direction to take them is equally as …