Idea Spotlight – new features!

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Wazoku is proud to announce the launch of quite a few new Idea Spotlight features! Here’s a quick summary of what’s new and improved: Enhanced Interface The enhanced interface offers an easier way to view content across Challenges, Ideas and Idea Spaces. Now, all content is categorised into corresponding tabs, including tabs for overviews, ideas, evaluations, tasks, outcomes and analytics. …

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Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage is a type of data storage where the digital data is stored remotely, spanning multiple servers and sometimes even locations,  typically owned and managed by a hosting company, who are responsible for keeping data available for keeping the data available and accessible. Cloud storage usage is on the rise and has been for quite a while. The advantages are …

Using Integrations To Make The Most Of Your Internal Networks

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A few weeks ago, we talked about How Intranets Can Help A Company Innovate, and it highlighted just how crucial internal communications can be within an organisation. We also talked about how bringing technology into the equation means that the excuses for a company not to have such measures in place are getting fewer all the time. With this in …


The Connected Enterprise – Office 365 and Wazoku, a truly great idea!

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Over the past six or so months we have been working hard on a very exciting project here at Wazoku HQ. A few weeks ago the first phase of that project was released to the world and I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about it and its significance. A bit of background: Microsoft’s Office 365 product suite …

Idea Spotlight joins forces with Microsoft Office 365

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We’re just one month into the new financial year, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are setting objectives for the forthcoming eleven months. Innovation, growth and employee engagement are high on the agenda for many. There is an increasing value attributed to good ideas in business and enterprises are realising they need the right tools to capture and move …

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Saving big ticket projects like Google Glass with collaborative innovation

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I read some interesting comments about the much publicised “failure” of Google Glass  from Google’s Innovation Chief Astro Teller this week from the legendary SWSW festival, courtesy of Seb Joseph at The Drum. In a nutshell he explains that the innovation team encouraged too much attention for the wearable technology and that they “did things which encouraged people to think …

Co-creation platform. Why now?

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  Are you effectively using the creative potential of your employees, customers and partners to address your innovation challenges? If not, what are you waiting for? Perhaps you already know that innovation is the new mantra but you are still hesitant whether this implementation is going to be a success for your organisation or just a flash in the pan. …