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Innovation and collaboration – key to Insurance and Investment sector survival

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As we move away from the battle of the balance sheet and on to the war of winning and retaining customers, firms have to start delivering on the promise of a customer-centric model. Threats don’t just come from FinTech’s relative newcomers, like Nutmeg and Transferwise, that in a few short years have become familiar brands – but also from long …

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To Attract Top Talent, Money Is No Longer Enough

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The simple days of carrot and stick motivation have died a sudden death. For many years, decades even, the idea that a greater financial reward alone was sufficient motivation for employees was accepted as the norm. This is why financial institutions and law practices in particular, attracted the greatest graduates, the greatest talent, fresh from university into a fiercely competitive …

Agile Innovation is the Future of Banking (a perspective)

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There is an undeniable friction between old legacy systems and the introduction of new innovative technologies. New customer demand means these systems need to updated at the back end to make the front end of banking inviting and intuitive – but the cost of this is seen as prohibitive to banks when compared to the cost of merely maintaining and …


Sustaining employee engagement: Aviva shows us how to do it creatively

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Engaging employees is important. Pretty much everyone knows that these days and it’s consistently high on the enterprise agenda. Our sales team are constantly being told “we need to engage employees”, and it’s no wonder with research showing that organisations with a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity. And as my colleague Rosemarie Diegnan wrote earlier this year, workers …

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The Changing Face of Currency

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London is a well-known centre for technology and innovation, but it is quickly becoming a development hub for alternate currencies and reformatting the structure of the banking system.  One of the most exciting digital innovations to be backed from London is the digital currency Bitcoin. City institutions including the   Bank of England, Barclays, UBS and Goldman Sachs are all reportedly …