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How innovation can truly future-proof your business?

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The need for innovation in modern business has been well-documented. Most organisations would claim that they are trying in some shape or form to be innovative. Often that is to ward off the threat posed by more dynamic and agile start-ups that are disrupting markets, or, to meet the changing customer demands for improved products and services. Whether this is …

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The Fidelity story – technology-driven innovation

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The Challenge Fidelity International (Fidelity), one of the UK’s largest investment fund managers, initially started collaborative innovation with Step Change, an IT department run innovation programme, managed through SharePoint. It was a great first step, however, SharePoint was unable to scale the initiative, provide the flexibility required or progress, track and move ideas and data the way Fidelity needed. Fidelity …

Ideas for continuous improvement – the Waitrose Story

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Waitrose, a leading retailer with 350+ locations, is one of the largest employee-owned businesses in the world, and those employees are the keys to their innovation success. Let’s take a look at the Waitrose story, from process improvement challenges to tangible success. The Challenge Waitrose was in search of a way to increase levels of idea generation and engagement within …

Design thinking for innovation

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Design thinking has become a popular topic for discussion; with industry leaders like IBM and GE embracing and embedding design thinking in their organisations, other organisations are inevitably taking note. Why do it? Design thinking is first and foremost people-centred, deriving products and services to meet a genuine need. This is why the term human-centric design has become so prominent. …


What is differentiated innovation?

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In the first report in the series, The New Innovation Conversation, we introduced the notion that innovation applies to all businesses, in all sectors. It’s also about making innovation part of everyone’s role, in every team, every day. As such, innovation becomes the by-product of an innovative organisation. In this initial report, we also introduced a framework to work from, …


Building A Culture of Innovation – What are you waiting for? – with Owen James Events

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Let’s talk about building a culture of EveryDay innovation. It’s one of our favourite topics, not just because I’ve written a book on it but because it really matters. As leaders, we have to be thinking about innovation at a cultural level as we seek to evolve our organisations to become next generation businesses. Oh, and just to be clear, …

Day 12 Of The Directors’ Club Webinar Festival Champions & Innovators Of Customer Experience

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Recently Wazoku took part in the Directors Club webinar “Champions & Innovators of Customer Experience”, lead by its Chairman, Jon Snow. Cris Beswick (Strategic Advisor on Innovation, Author & Keynote Speaker) together with Simon Hill (Founder & CEO, Wazoku) presented and answered questions on “Delivering exceptional customer experiences through EveryDay innovation.” This was followed by a presentation by Dan Moross …

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The power of agile innovation

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Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, Intuit and Capital One. Just a few examples of high-profile market leaders that publicly attribute their ongoing innovation successes to their commitment to digital experimentation. These firms can expect their creatives to experiment freely and regularly. A few years ago, Google said that it ran between 3,000 and 5,000 experiments annually. And as a user …