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5 steps to engaging 7,000 customers in innovation

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If someone asked you how they could make your life easier, wouldn’t you tell them? You probably wouldn’t hesitate. This is, in essence, customer-centric or differentiated innovation. Why customers? Not only do you get instant insight into what your consumers want and need, which helps you create a competitive advantage; as a by-product, you also get your customers’ buy-in before …


Bringing the Jigsaw pieces together to create retail success

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I read a fascinating interview with Peter Ruis, CEO of Jigsaw in the last issue of the Mail on Sunday – courtesy of @NeilCraven – outlining his corporate culture strategy for the year ahead. He feels “creating a sense of belonging” and ensuring staff are “given ownership of the company” and are “able to share in the fruits of any …

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How to change people’s behaviours

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Changing one’s behaviours is hard enough, what to say about changing other people’s behaviours? Some people can even be extremely resistant to change and can become a real obstacle on a team. But how can you influence people’s behaviours in a simple and positive way, avoiding conflicts? This question may have been answered a great deal of times, but the …

5 Ways to improve your organisational culture

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Organisational culture is the group of values, beliefs and practises espoused by a company. Having a strong culture will help with employee satisfaction and retention, which leads ultimately to, as mentioned in our previous blog post, an increase in productivity and profits. Let’s take the extremely successful Apple as an example. In a recent interview, Mark Kawano, -who was their …