Idea management – driving workforce empowerment and bottom-up innovation

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Tracking and measuring results – any innovation programme, whether bottom-up or otherwise, needs to be tracked and measured effectively. An organisation should put in place targets, totals and outputs, so it can understand the metrics and make refinements and enhancements to the innovation programme where necessary. An idea management platform can make reporting on innovation simple. Smart software can track …


Stop Measuring Engagement and Engage

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If we spent less time measuring how engaged our employees are, we could spend more time simply engaging them. The statement might seem obvious, but reality is never quite so simple. There are plenty of reports, such as the State of the Global Workforce, telling us that employees are not only ‘not engaged’ but in many instances are actively disengaged. …

Don’t let economic uncertainty hamper innovation

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In the relatively early stages of the year, businesses are looking to evaluate their strategies in a time of economic and political uncertainty. In the last few months it would appear that uncertainty has become the new norm. Events like Brexit, the US presidential election and the fluctuation of Sterling, among others, are encouraging an atmosphere of doubt and indecision for …

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(Series 8/8) Build a Business Culture of Purpose

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Your employees are the lifeblood of your company, to get more commitment and productivity from them, make their time at work a rewarding one. One of the key business trends for 2016 highlighted by FastCo Design is that companies will be more focused on creating better employee experiences. Increasingly people are looking for work that has meaning, which may seem …


What the internet gets wrong about idea management software

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Recently I came across an article in a popular tech publication, listing the best idea management software in the market. I was disappointed in reading it, mostly because it became apparent that the concept of what idea management software actually is, still seems to be a bit confusing. Idea management software isn’t just: An intranet A social media platform Mind mapping …


Everyday Innovation is the way of the future

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The Guardian recently published an article titled “Workplace structures”, – included in a larger piece titled “Five Ways Work Will Change in the Future” – analysing the shift in the workplace paradigm from the rigid corporate ladder to what is now known as the corporate lattice. The concept of the corporate ladder needs no introduction, surely but this other idea …

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To Attract Top Talent, Money Is No Longer Enough

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The simple days of carrot and stick motivation have died a sudden death. For many years, decades even, the idea that a greater financial reward alone was sufficient motivation for employees was accepted as the norm. This is why financial institutions and law practices in particular, attracted the greatest graduates, the greatest talent, fresh from university into a fiercely competitive …

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6 Ways To Build Important Social Ties At Work

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Relationships at work are important. Not only does having a good rapport with your colleagues statistically make your days happier, but it also has been shown to improve your job performance. The simple fact is that we, human beings, are social creatures. We need contact with people, and while this varies between people, all need some kind of social interaction. …