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The Fidelity story – technology-driven innovation

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The Challenge Fidelity International (Fidelity), one of the UK’s largest investment fund managers, initially started collaborative innovation with Step Change, an IT department run innovation programme, managed through SharePoint. It was a great first step, however, SharePoint was unable to scale the initiative, provide the flexibility required or progress, track and move ideas and data the way Fidelity needed. Fidelity …

Day 12 Of The Directors’ Club Webinar Festival Champions & Innovators Of Customer Experience

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Recently Wazoku took part in the Directors Club webinar “Champions & Innovators of Customer Experience”, lead by its Chairman, Jon Snow. Cris Beswick (Strategic Advisor on Innovation, Author & Keynote Speaker) together with Simon Hill (Founder & CEO, Wazoku) presented and answered questions on “Delivering exceptional customer experiences through EveryDay innovation.” This was followed by a presentation by Dan Moross …

The world’s largest private perfume and flavour company uses Idea Spotlight to transform innovation and uncover savings.

What do a university, a perfume company and a retail firm have in common? Great ideas

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Sometimes just having ideas is the easy bit – everyone has ideas all the time. But, what constitutes a good idea? This might be a matter of opinion for a lot of people but in business, we could say that a good idea is one that will potentially help generate revenue and growth. Others will improve the lives of employees …