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How to thrive in the age of disruption

Louise Leone Blog

Ah, the age of disruption! The future of work! The fourth industrial revolution! Futurists and thought leaders have been talking about this for some time. The world of work is changing – on a technological, political and social-cultural scale. Powerful new forms of technology are increasing our rates of productivity capability; demanding new skillsets in the process. How can we …


10 steps you can take to prepare for the future of work

Louise Leone Blog

Whatever our views are on the future of work, one thing’s for sure: times are changing. Advancing technologies are fuelling a robot-and-AI-filled future, which means we will need to innovate faster and with more agility if we hope to be relevant for the future of work. Here are 10 things your organisation can do today to prepare for change, disruption …

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How innovation can truly future-proof your business?

Aarti Desai Blog

The need for innovation in modern business has been well-documented. Most organisations would claim that they are trying in some shape or form to be innovative. Often that is to ward off the threat posed by more dynamic and agile start-ups that are disrupting markets, or, to meet the changing customer demands for improved products and services. Whether this is …

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Implementing Innovative Ideas in The Conservative Environment of A Large Corporation

Andrea Goodkind Blog

Businesses know they must innovate to survive. Some companies are, some people within those companies are and others have unbeknownst innovative ideas tucked away. The real question as a large corporation is: how can we take advantage of these ideas and the depth of knowledge inside the minds of employees, partners or the wider business ecosystem? Many enterprises, although heavily …


Intrapreneurship Conference – Joris van Heukelom on corporate innovation.

wazoku Blog

Last week Wazoku was at the Intrapreneurship Conference here in London and we had the opportunity to hear a few interesting speakers. One of them was Joris van Heukelom, founder of MakerLab, a Dutch innovation company focusing on innovation for big corporations such as educational publishers, banks, insurance and retail, among others. Joris gave a presentation on “How to create …