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Daily improvements are innovation, here’s how

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Innovation is a necessity across all sectors and industries, and in an ever-changing competitive landscape, businesses are under more pressure than ever to showcase innovative outcomes. Incremental innovation involves making small scale improvements that can be implemented daily (or short-term) to existing processes, products or services. There are opportunities exist everywhere across all aspects of every business, to do things …


Ministry of Defence selects Wazoku to improve innovation

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New platform looks to build on previous innovation successes by increasing staff engagement and the volume of ideas UK Central Government department, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has selected Wazoku’s idea management platform, Idea Spotlight, to drive digital innovation and idea management across its entire network: The Royal Navy, British Army,  the Royal Air Force, Joint Forces Command and Defence …

Small Ideas

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Ideas can appear overnight, but the best ones require time to grow. Great breakthroughs are usually the result of a collection of small ideas that have come together and merged to become the incredible products, solutions or services they are now. Do you know how many ideas your colleagues and employees have and what the outcome of these ideas is? …