10 steps you can take to prepare for the future of work

Louise Leone Blog

Whatever our views are on the future of work, one thing’s for sure: times are changing. Advancing technologies are fuelling a robot-and-AI-filled future, which means we will need to innovate faster and with more agility if we hope to be relevant for the future of work. Here are 10 things your organisation can do today to prepare for change, disruption …

Improve_change management

Daily improvements are innovation, here’s how

Aarti Desai Blog

Innovation is a necessity across all sectors and industries, and in an ever-changing competitive landscape, businesses are under more pressure than ever to showcase innovative outcomes. Incremental innovation involves making small scale improvements that can be implemented daily (or short-term) to existing processes, products or services. There are opportunities exist everywhere across all aspects of every business, to do things …

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Implementing Innovative Ideas in The Conservative Environment of A Large Corporation

Andrea Goodkind Blog

Businesses know they must innovate to survive. Some companies are, some people within those companies are and others have unbeknownst innovative ideas tucked away. The real question as a large corporation is: how can we take advantage of these ideas and the depth of knowledge inside the minds of employees, partners or the wider business ecosystem? Many enterprises, although heavily …


The 7 Worst – And Most Common – Mistakes in Idea Management

wazoku Blog

We’ve helped companies completely transform themselves through idea management, but for many businesses it’s still a new concept, and a hard thing to get right. Idea management is the process of generating, collating, analysing and implementing ideas that solve real business problems, as part of a wider innovation strategy. These ideas are essential for driving growth, securing a foothold in …

The innovation cocktail – underestimate the challenge at your peril

wazoku Partner blogs

We asked our partner, Tim Westall, Co-founder of April Strategy, to share practical insights that would be useful to organisations juststarting out or already running ambitious innovation programmes. We also framed the interview with a couple of more philosophical questions and received very honest and fun answers to both. Read on and enjoy the interview… 1. What will the world …


On change resistance

wazoku Blog

Change is inevitable but not always welcome. New and disruptive businesses are constantly entering the market and causing havoc As a recent example you have Uber vs Taxis – Uber has faced protests from traditional cabbies and taxi companies, to the point that their licence to operate has been withdrawn by several city administrations around the world. The reality is …

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How to change people’s behaviours

wazoku Blog

Changing one’s behaviours is hard enough, what to say about changing other people’s behaviours? Some people can even be extremely resistant to change and can become a real obstacle on a team. But how can you influence people’s behaviours in a simple and positive way, avoiding conflicts? This question may have been answered a great deal of times, but the …


Change vs Innovation

wazoku Blog

Have you ever wondered whether every change inside your organisation is an innovation or not? There is some sort of uncertainty around the two concepts and quite often change and innovation are used improperly. Every innovation entails change, but not every change involves innovation: not every time your company is managing change is dealing with innovation. Surprised? Here is the …

Co-creation platform. Why now?

wazoku Blog

  Are you effectively using the creative potential of your employees, customers and partners to address your innovation challenges? If not, what are you waiting for? Perhaps you already know that innovation is the new mantra but you are still hesitant whether this implementation is going to be a success for your organisation or just a flash in the pan. …