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The paradox of a profit-focused company culture

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As a business reaches higher levels of success, it tends to shed any previous startup culture for one that focuses solely on reaching maximum operational efficiency. With this shift comes the increasingly narrower tunnel vision of turning a profit. Fueled by revenue, the company may unknowingly sacrifice the experience of the consumer in order to increase its profit margins. An …


Unlocking Innovation In Business

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85% of UK workers believe the strategic objectives of their employers could more easily be met through innovative approaches. Fortunately, the innovation discussion in business is progressing. Yet although most organisations acknowledge the desperate need for change, they are still at a loss when it comes to taking action. Workforces are a goldmine for the insight needed to drive change …

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Engaging creatives in the business of business

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How do you engage creative people with the language of business? Bath Spa University’s Head of Enterprise & Employability, and long-term partner of Wazoku, Dave Jarman explains in this guest blog post… Language is a fascinating thing; even within one tongue certain words are understood in different ways by different communities. I’ve spent the last decade trying to explain words …

Engaging a Global Workforce

Partner Blog – Engaging a Global Workforce

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We have a number of partners around the UK and overseas that we work with on a regular basis, on a variety of innovation projects. One of those, i2a based here in London helps organisations to adapt to a changing world through “Good Business & Creative Business“. As a consulting firm with an interest in innovation and idea management, we often find similar …


The business of innovation

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I think it’s a good idea to not take yourself too seriously. Perhaps this can be extended into business?  I think so. I found this today: “What’s the opposite of innovation?,” the joke begins. A tart punchline quickly follows: “Innovation consultants.” I often think that throughout human history, innovation and creativity has just naturally happened. You need a tool, you …