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Innovation and collaboration – key to Insurance and Investment sector survival

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As we move away from the battle of the balance sheet and on to the war of winning and retaining customers, firms have to start delivering on the promise of a customer-centric model. Threats don’t just come from FinTech’s relative newcomers, like Nutmeg and Transferwise, that in a few short years have become familiar brands – but also from long …

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20 Questions with Simon

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Our CEO, Simon Hill, has recently been featured on Management Today, answering 20 Questions about both himself and Wazoku: 2. What else would you name your business? Wazoku means great idea in Swahili so fits what we do perfectly. And EVERYONE asks ‘waz-what-ku?’ so its a good talking point. But given my love of all things Swedish I’d go for …

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Innovation can happen anywhere. But a lot of the companies we work with daily notice that the best ideas come from not one individual stumbling upon an idea late at night, but from a group of individuals working together. This is one of the reasons we’ve done our best to develop and implement things like Converations, Communities, Groups, and other …