Innovation in the workplace – are you doing enough?

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Earlier this week, Simon Hill spoke with James Goad of Owen James Events, ahead of the upcoming “Meeting of Minds Bank and Brand Distribution of Retail Financial Services” Event, with the aim to explain the importance of innovation in the workplace. You can read the full article on their site here. JG: First things first….and you must get asked this …

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Banks: it’s time to punch through the barriers to innovation

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Fintech is a word that was introduced in our vocabularies in the last few years and considering that it is a sector that has been consistently growing, it’s not going away. According to data from the Investment Trends in Fintech report by the Silicon Valley Bank, in 2015 Fintech was worth £20bn in revenue to the UK economy. Fintech is …


The Future Of Payments

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As Bob Dylan sang, “The times, they are a-changin” – and especially across financial services. At Wazoku, we know from our FS clients that disruptive innovation in the payments space has seen the race to win consumer confidence and mindshare for contactless payments in the UK and beyond speed up dramatically. We have seen the launch of Apple Pay and …