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Unless organisations harness the talents of their entire team, they put themselves at risk of delayed growth and difficulty in sustaining longevity.

What better time to think about women in business than following the last two months in which we have seen not only three awards events in the UK that celebrate the ‘power’ of women, but also the widely recognised International Women’s Day.Reward_nominations

In each case, these occasions have showcased female role models, empowered or inspirational women or the organisations that maximise their potential.

Despite women continuing to make great strides in industry, the fact remains that they still make up only 16 percent of executive committee members across the FTSE 350, according to research carried out last year.

Tellingly, the same report also found that the 169 FTSE 350 companies with at least one woman on their executive committee had a better return on capital than those with none — by a margin of 5.6 percentage points on average. So, who’s missing out?

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Rosemarie Diegnan
Chief Strategy and Product Officer