Structure and Harmony With Innovation Tools

wazoku Blog

There are several reasons clients end up investigating innovation tools for their businesses. One of the reasons we’ve been seeing crop up is that individuals are interested in creating structure and harmony within their company. While it may seem on the outside the structure and harmony might have difficulty combining into one solution, we believe that it’s possible to promote both within your company, so long as you take these considerations into account:

1 – Tools must be flexible. Whatever you implement to promote innovation within your company has to be able to adapt to different situations. The issue a lot of people have with the current processes they use to manage ideas is that whatever solution they utilise doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in application. If clients are utilising email inboxes, there’s a lot of restrictions on how ideas can be managed or worked through, for example. If you get an out-of-the-box idea management solution that isn’t really made to fit your business type or application, you could find yourself in the exact same situation you were the emails, except with a lighter wallet. That’s why it’s important to ensure that whatever the tool you adopt, it must be flexible.

2 – Tools must be integrative. It’s great if it sounds fancy and flashy on the box, but one of the things we encourage our clients to think about is how innovation tools are going to work with their current business processes. Are they really ready to shake off old methods of doing things and adopt something new? Have they addressed it with their employees and considered how it would be implemented? That’s why, when we develop new features for our platform, we consider how these will be implemented and whether they provide a better experience for our clients. It’s not just about looking fancy, it’s about the real life application of the software.

3 – Tools must encompass all aspects of business. We’ve been writing about process excellence in the past week which essentially involves companies making small incremental improvements to their business processes and earning a large amount of rewards for it. Another tip we give our clients is to focus not just on the big ideas, but to also consider how innovation can crop up with small ideas that improve the nature of the business. A lot of time and thus money can be saved by perfecting the process your business runs on. Don’t just assume that ideas have to be big in order to be worthwhile.

When applying those three considerations – flexibility, integration, and focus – businesses can create a structure within their innovation tool that promotes harmony and fosters idea generation. The structure comes from the approach you take towards implementing the software within your company and the harmony comes from your ability to not only be flexible, but include many ideas within your focus.