Stats on technology and innovation

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Slide up to the bar for a few interesting stats about technology and innovation. Stats don’t really tell you much out of context, so I’ve tried to find some that you can read as they are, without needing a lot of information around them. Here they are.

  • Percentage of Americans who think science and technology may destroy the human race: 74
  • Percentage of Americans who feel they are being “left behind” by technology: 46
  • Percentage of Americans who say they don’t care: 16
  • Pounds of gear carried by a U.S. Special Operations soldier in Iraq: 135. Percentage of this accounted for by disposable batteries: 26
  • Percentage of Americans who say they don’t know how they could get along without Scotch tape: 46

*From Harpers Magazine Index Archive

Each piece of information they print is tagged with its source, which I find very comforting. As someone once said “you can’t make this stuff up”. Hope you had a happy August.