Spotlight on Innocentrix

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Every month we host “Spotlight on Innovation”, a twenty-minute chat with someone who has helped create a great product or service.

This month we will be chatting with Henra Mayer, CEO of Innocentrix,  a South African innovation management company that helps businesses to achieve innovation success. Innocentrix specialises in innovation solutions and blends traditional innovation management approaches with non traditional ones. It partners with Universities and subject and industry experts. The name Innocentrix was crowdsourced!

Henra Mayer is an innovation management specialist and the CEO of Innocentrix. She is a contributor to many innovation-related publications and regularly appears as a guest speaker at innovation conferences and events.  She holds a degree from  the University of Pretoria and completed a Programme in Business Leadership (PBL) and a Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) through UNISA (University of South Africa).

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