Spotlight on EyeQuant

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In an effort to build on our discussions about innovation in different sectors of businesses and organisations, we introduce a new video series that will shine the spotlight on ideas.

Every month, our CEO will do a twenty-minute interview with someone who has helped create a great product or service to find out what makes these individuals tick and how their great ideas became realities. We hope it will not only emphasise the importance of developing great ideas, but also give you the chance to see how some of the businesses and services you’ve heard of became great.

We will be hosting our chats on Google Plus, so you will be able to watch them live and also later, if you need to. Our next interview will be on November 20th, 2013 at 2:00 PM BST with Fabian Stelzer and you can attend the hangout by following us on Google Plus. You can use our hashtag #IdeaSpotlight on Twitter to talk about the chat or tweet us @WazokuHQ, and we’ll share your thoughts.

About Our Interviewee: Fabian is the co-founder and CEO of EyeQuant, a neuroscience-meets-marketing spin off of the California Institute of Technology based in Berlin and London.

Fabian started his career as Lijit.com’s first BizDev employee (acquired by Federated Media Publishing for $100M in 2011). Fabian received a B. Sc. in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrueck and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and oddly received awards in both philosophy and advertising.