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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Solutions for Teams Transformation

Business is digital. Why isn’t your innovation process?


Bring your innovation into the future

The modern world is changing everything for companies across the globe. Computerization is now a must-have, as workforces are more decentralized and disconnected.


Transformation brings much-needed alignment and structure to organizations to allow them to succeed.

Deliver real value and keep engagement up

With Old Mutual’s Mass & Foundation Cluster, Wazoku’s transformation of an annual ideas summit into an always-on digital capability was a huge success.


The digital Siyakhula event in 2021 brought 150% more ideas submitted than the last in-person event two years before. Transforming this once-a-year meeting into a continuous function was made possible without compromising company culture or togetherness.

The world of work requires collaboration and co-operation

Working closer with those outside of your team can be difficult. This is a hurdle you need to cross in order to prepare your business for modern challenges.


With Innovation_360, we make this easier by connecting your entire network into an all-in-one platform.

Work with suppliers, partners, and customers to keep costs down

To successfully transform an entire organization, you need to hear from and work with those who know it best. Wazoku enables conversations with those outside of your employee base, bringing additional expertise to your problem-solving capabilities and ability to reduce wasted resources.


Bring your entire supply chain with you on this journey to truly see the power of innovating at scale.

Stay ahead of the competition

Our tech scouting and trend analysis integrations grant you the foresight needed to track and outperform against your rivals.

An all-in-one platform: where visibility meets action

Without a purpose-built platform, transformation work gets held back by disconnected, unfocused processes.


Wazoku’s Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology gives you the ability to manage and track the work that you do, while also converting ideas into impact – all in one place.

The Geneva Learning Foundation logo

“The participants were leading immunologists whose knowledge-sharing directly led to increased vaccinations, greater health equity, and better engagement with communities”

Reda Sadki
President and Co-Founder, The Geneva Learning Foundation

Wazoku’s work with The Geneva Learning Foundation (TGLF) supported the integration of idea generation with impact. Real world-focused programs helped aid vaccine recovery in the wake of COVID-19.

A secure suite of integrated tools

One of the major concerns surrounding transformation outputs involves security. Innovation_360 is an enterprise-secure platform with a range of tools geared towards achieving your automation, customization, and transformation goals.


With enforced SSO and IDP features, you can be confident in the protection of your data and operations. Innovation_360 can be integrated with existing operations in Teams, Jira, Monday, and more.

SSCL logo

Wazoku’s work with the SSCL team helped support an award-winning transformation program that has onboarded 300,000+ users with our idea management platform – allowing each colleague to have a virtual seat at the ideas table.