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The bigger the problem, the bigger the solution that’s needed

Solar sustainability

Sustainability is everyone’s focus right now

In order to thrive, organizations must become more sustainable – but identifying the roadblocks to progress can be difficult.


Go beyond a badge on your website, and showcase the outcomes of your work and how these align to your ESG commitments. Put positive action and purpose at the forefront of your brand.

Danish Crowdsourcing logo

In Denmark, the building industry is responsible for 30% of the country’s waste and more than 40% of their domestic resources. Innovation_360 supported Danish Crowdsourcing’s ‘Upcycle Challenge’. to crowdsource the reuse and recycling of materials and waste in the sector

Disconnected innovations fail to deliver the change required

Lightbulb moments that solve short term problems don’t enable a company to move forward sustainably. By moving towards a continuous approach to innovation, sustainability efforts are more likely to address the real issues facing your organization.

See the cost reductions and speed for yourself

Innovation_360’s oversight provides your organization with opportunities to reduce waste and cut inefficiencies quickly. Saving more money and time across your business will free up room for investment in projects that make a real difference.

To perform at scale, you need to operate across your entire network

By talking to more people about your business, you open up a whole world of new opportunities. Wazoku gives you the tools to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships across your supply chain, aligning your goals to those who can help you achieve them.

Waitrose logo

Our work with Waitrose delivered annual recurring value worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. The idea generated by an in-store employee directly led to reductions in paper use and ink costs, and was then rolled out across the entire business – saving £168k per year.

Co-create internally and externally with Innovation_360

Your business network doesn’t have to begin and end with existing relationships. With sustainability being such a global issue, it makes sense that companies need a worldwide response to it.


With our open talent features, Wazoku allows businesses to tap into a community of more than half a million problem solvers, instantly.

Wazoku supports your future plans

No matter what your sustainability goals are, Innovation_360 supports the frameworks and the networking required to prepare your business for the future.


As customer expectations shift and suppliers are governed by more eco-friendly legislation, you’re going to need to be prepared to meet these new benchmarks – something you cannot do alone.

Enable real change in real time

Tackle excess waste, refine the outputs of your company, and bolster the efficiency of your operation. Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology keeps your sustainability projects on schedule and is geared towards delivering outcomes which are closely aligned to your needs and objectives.

Prince William Sound logo

“If it was easily solved by people within the industry, it would have been solved by people within the industry. The Wazoku process allows us to step outside of the box.”

Scott Pegau
OSRI Research Program Manager

Twenty years after an oil spill in the Prince William Sound, the OSRI engaged the Wazoku Crowd to deliver creative solutions to support recovery. The problem was solved by someone with no experience in oil or recovery – their solution relied on their experience outside of these industries.