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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Solutions for Teams New Product Development

An all-in-one platform for new product development

Product development

Connect the disconnected to supercharge your success

Innovation_360 connects your platform, tools, personalized analytics, and the conversations to better deliver new products and services.


Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology supports your ability to use these elements to generate outcomes aligned to your strategic goals.

Reduce the risk and costs of experimentation

To minimize the risk of new product development, you need to run more experiments. Wazoku allows you to run more experiments, giving you more valuable insights.


This allows you to fail faster, so that you’re investing your time, money, and resources into ideas that will provide critical value.

Leverage insights from across your network

Give your team the best chance of success by talking to and co-creating with individuals across your supply chain, customers, and partners. Their expertise and familiarity can simplify your discussions and give your operations more focus.


With Wazoku, you can collect all your insights and disconnected ideas into one central hub: a workshop for your new product success.

Use the Wazoku Crowd to boost your search

A diverse world of insights and knowledge is at your fingertips. Ask our open talent crowd for ideas, collaboration, and referrals on your product questions to gain access to their capable insights.

Dow Chemical logo

Dow Chemicals had introduced a new product and used external innovation with our Wazoku Crowd to find potential further uses or markets for broadening its use. The team at Dow awarded two answers with potential applications $15,000 each – doubling their original award amount.

Fail faster to limit the risk of new product offerings

With spaces for always-on innovation, Wazoku’s platform enables you to move at your own pace all the while building capability and engagement. That way, when you’ve means-tested and trialled your products, they can be launched with confidence and speed.

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Learn more about how A2A, a leading European energy company, found that testing their new product concept with our global crowd of millions helped to ensure it was feasible and set up for success.